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TO READ IS TO FLY: Flights of Fact and Fancy.
An annotated reading list by Anne Hance.
Novels and stories imbued with scientific exploration and discovery for children, youth and adults

"Books are such an inspiration to scientists of all ages and I wish I could have had this list as I was growing up. This is a treasure trove of inspiration that, like few others, focuses on general literature science and nature stories." Eleanor Sterling, Jaffe Chief Conservation Scientist, American Museum of Natural History

"As a mother of four young children of varying ages, "To Read Is To Fly" is the perfect resource for quality books for my kids throughout their childhood. Off to the library we will go, with " To Read Is To Fly " in hand, and return with a stack full of wonder." Alison Skinner, Parent

"This is the book for teachers to give to their students’ parents at conferences or back-to-school night who want to help their children at home in literature and science. This is a great resource that can be used in all planes of development from infant to adult. This is a go-to-resource book when visiting the library." Dan MacDonald, Elementary School Principal

"I can easily choose read-aloud books that incorporate science that my students love." Patty Shade, AMI Montessori Guide


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